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3370 - Twine [Wants and Needs]

3370 Time Travel Games!

4301 Bwarioware Micro Games

For your next project, you are making a single micro-game in the vein of WarioWare using P5.Play . Micro-games should be about five seconds in length with a clear objective that can be modified for replayability in at least one way. For e...

4301 Level Design Project

For your final project of the semester, you will be using the Unity game engine to design a level for a platformer that follows 4-Step Level Design . The goal is to use the design of the level to teach the player what they should be doing a...

4301 Bitsy Games

Bitsy Project Description Make sure to look at these Bitsy tutorials: Claire Morley's guide , Dan Cox's YouTube introduction , and Andrew Yolland on using variables . Create a Bitsy game that adapts a small part of some piece of media y...

Red Raiders Game Silo

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