A downloadable project

"Build a Toy"

For your first project, you will be using P5.js to building a "toy" that we can "play" with. 

Let's define those terms with the help of game designer Jesse Schell:

  1. A good toy is an object (either physical or digital) we can play with.
  2. Play is manipulation that indulges curiosity.

With this in mind, we can come up with some characteristics of a toy:

  • It's something a person can interact with
  • It behaves in ways that surprise, delight, or provoke us
  • The toy suggests how we can use it but does not dictate why
  • There is no "goal" for its use

Here's the list of playful concepts we came up with in class:

Grow/ShrinkKnock DownGrab
ControlFollow/FleeMake sounds

Reactions (Property Changes)

  • direction
  • color
  • weight
  • speed
  • size
  • "temperature" (how two objects can interact differently)


  • Created using P5.js and available to play with in the P5 Editor
  • Toy uses at least three concepts from the list above
  • Manipulating one object can affect something else on the screen
  • Hide at least one surprise for us to discover while playing
  • 200 word artist statement describing the process of coming up with the toy written as a in-code comment at the top of the project
  • Use in-code comments to give credit to any sources you used to help you build your toy

Due in-class February 5, 2020

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