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Project 2

For project #2 you'll be using an Bitsy. It allows you to make little story worlds with simple graphics. Check out some examples of what Bitsy can do!

Bitsy is easy to learn but takes patience to work with. Make sure to look at these tutorials: Claire Morley's guide and Dan Cox's YouTube introduction.


Using Bitsy, you're going to write a story about traveling through time to the past.

Using sprite art, dialogue, and multiple environments, tell a story about what this point in time is like. You want to design for a feeling of exploration even if you don't give the player complete freedom. 

Revisit the Pixar toolbox when thinking about world building and color

You should introduce something your character wants to achieve or accomplish in the world or know about the place they've ended up. (In this case, you can ignore the wants/needs of the protagonist in favor of building the story about the world.) 

Design Around the Following Concepts

  • Slowly reveal the story between the rooms
  • The layout of the space and how to transition between rooms
  • Evocative objects and environments
  • McCloud's concepts of abstraction (ch 2), transitions (ch 3), and timeframes (ch 4)
  • The use of color and shapes

Minimum Requirements for a 'B'

  • Five rooms (you're of course welcome to make more!)
  • One item you can collect and give to somebody else to learn more information
  • Three color palettes 
  • Recognizable dramatic arc

Follow this arc as a guideline for rooms:

  1. First room: introduce the time/place but still leave it a bit of a mystery; exposition
  2. Second room: reveal the time/place with additional clues; exposition + start rising action
  3. Third room: more detail, rising action
  4. Fourth room: more detail, climax
  5. Last room: Falling action, denouement 

Turning It In

Upload your games to your Itch.io account by Wednesday Oct 30th at 6pm

If you post your Bitsy game earlier than Oct 24th, I will give you feedback so that you can revise your submission before the due date. 

Bitsy Inspiration

Bisty art inspiration from Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Cover logo made by Smashicons from <a href="https://www.flaticon.com/"  ="" title="Flaticon"></a>www.flaticon.com

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